Slingshot Zuupack
Slingshot Zuupack  Slingshot Zuupack 

Slingshot Zuupack

  • Výrobca: Slingshot
  • Kód produktu: 2024
  • Dostupnosť: Skladom
  • 599.00€

  • Bez DPH: 499.17€

Dostupné možnosti

The 2024 Slingshot Zuupack Wakeboard Boot is a New secondary colorway option to our top-selling Space Mob boots - The same leading design and features, but with a more earthy and animalistic flare. Regardless of which tribe you support, these boots are the clear choice for any core cable wakeboarder. They’re an evolution of our original two-piece boot system with removable liners that was introduced more than a decade ago. Fast forward to today and these 2024 Slingshot Zuupack boot liners are sure to be some of the most popular forms of footwear at wakeparks around the world, thanks to their gummy strap closure, removable tongues for custom flex options, and obvious advantage of protecting your feet on the run back to the dock. Unleash your spirit animal in the 2024 Slingshot Zuupack boot!

Who It's For: 

  • Intermediate to expert park riders who spend hours in the park pushing their riding to the
    next level and are looking to unleash their spirit animal. The liners are built to be worn all
    day at the park, and even out for Pizza or Burritos after a long day of shredding.

Rider ID: 

  • Trend Setters /fashion fanatics who rip and want trusted durability, image, and functionality on and off the water.

#2024 Slingshot Zuupack Wakeboard Boot Construction Features

  • Removable / Walkable Liners
  • K9 Mounting System
  • Bottomless Base System
  • Gummy Strap Closure System
  • Built-In J Bars
  • Custom Flex Options
  • 3D-Molded Tongue

Why we made the #2024 Slingshot Zuupack Wakeboard Boot

To honor one of our favorite emerging crews in the US: the Florida-based Zuupack. Plus, we love having a second amazing colorway of one of our most popular park boots.

Why you will love the #2024 Slingshot Zuupack Wakeboard Boot

  • The Zuupack boot is a top performer on and off the water. The removable liners allow you to go from prowling the park to closing down Miami Music Week with the Zuupack crew in style, ease, and comfort.
  • Removable tongue = boot is stiff with tongue, flexy when removed.
  • Our legendary Gummy Straps lock in a fully customizable fit.

#2024 Slingshot Zuupack Wakeboard Boot Sizing

  • EU 38/US 6 / 24.5cm
  • EU 39/US 7 / 25cm
  • EU 41/US 8 / 26cm
  • EU 42/US 9 / 26.5cm
  • EU 43/US 10 / 27cm
  • EU 45/US 11 / 28cm
  • EU 46/US 12 / 28.5cm
  • EU 47/US 13 / 29cm

K9 Mounting System

A Slingshot exclusive, the K9 Mounting System solidifies your boot-to-board connection while minimizing the boots’ overall footprint on the board and allowing for more stance widths and angles than any other boots on the market.

Bottomless Base System

Our Bottomless Base System maximizes riders “feel” and connectivity with their board and the water. Boot liner soles are in direct contact with the boards’ surface, allowing for a more immediate transfer of energy.

Gummy Strap Closure System

Our Gummy Strap Closure System has changed the game for wakeboarders around the world when it comes to dialing in the perfect amount of pressure throughout the boot.

Built-In J Bars

In the heels of the liners, built-in J Bars cup the back of the riders ankle to eliminate all “play” in the heel of the boot, elevating both the support and performance.

Removable / Walkable Liners

Space Mob Removable Liners have been heavily upgraded and reinforce for 2022 with stronger materials, upgraded stitching techniques and more. They are built to protect wakeboarders on the world’s rockiest shorelines.

Custom Flex Options

The Space Mob’s removable secondary tongue allows riders to completely customize the flex of their boots. For those who prefer the most supportive boots, leave the tongues installed. For those who want a softer flex, run without.

3D-Molded Tongue

3D-Molded Tongues make our boots “fit like a glove” every time you slide in. Forget about the classic wiggle and dance to find the perfect place for your footwith 3D molded tongues the fit is perfect time after time.

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