Hyperlite Distortion
Hyperlite Distortion 

Hyperlite Distortion

  • Výrobca: Hyperlite
  • Kód produktu: 2024
  • Dostupnosť: Skladom
  • 349.00€
  • 330.00€

  • Bez DPH: 275.00€

Dostupné možnosti

Distortion je veľmi odolná topánka , stredne vysoká -takže viete nohu ohýbať , ale dostatočne tvrdá -takže členok je chránený.

Strih je na mierne užsiu nohu a zo skúsenosti vieme že ak máte nohu niekde medzi číslom , tak sa oplatí isť do menšieho rozmeru. Má vyberaciu vložku , ktorá keď sa vyberie , tak vie urobiť aj štvrť čísla kým sa topánka  prvé týždne prispôsobuje chodidlu.

The 2024 Hyperlite Distortion Boot’s super lightweight 3-Part Construction begins with the insole for comfort and arch support, our midsole for impact protection and resistance and the outsole for traction and durability. Alex requested a mid-level cuff height boot with enough support to feel secure while allowing for an ideal range of motion. Hyperlite’s Internal Ankle Harness eliminates heel lift and you can customize your 2024 Hyperlite Distortion System Boot with the 3D Heat Moldable Pro Liner. Our Thermo Formed Tongue and PowerPOP EVA Foam Insoles deliver an amazing comfort and impact protection so you can live in your boots while spending your days at the park. For those who prefers a mid-level cuff height and great range of motion we advise the 2024 Hyperlite Distorion System Boot. 

#2024 Hyperlite Distortion System Wakeboard Boot Flex Factor

  • Support Level - Mid
  • Range of Motion - Mid

#2024 Hyperlite Distortion System Wakeboard Boot Construction Features

  • 2-Part Theory
  • 3-Part Construction
  • Range of Motion - Mid
  • Support Level - Mid
  • Fully Lasted Fit
  • Thermo Formed Tongue
  • 3D Heat Moldable Pro Liner
  • PowerPOP EVA Foam Insoles
  • EVA Lite+ Outsole
  • Internal Ankle Harness
  • Fast Dry Aero-Mesh EVA
  • Flow Through H2O Drainage
  • Lace Closure - Single

#2024 Hyperlite Distortion System Wakeboard Boot Sizing

  • EU 39/US 7 - 25cm
  • EU 40-41/US 8 - 26cm
  • EU 42/US 9 - 27cm
  • EU 43/US 10 - 28cm
  • EU 44-45/US 11 - 29cm
  • EU 46/US 12 - 30cm
  • EU 47/US 13 - 31cm

*Remember the System binding is designed to work exclusively with our System Boot line. Both components are needed for use.

Fully Lasted Fit

The "last" is what the boot is shaped around and determines fit, heel hold, and toe box shape. Our lasting process allows for a consistent and comfortable fit every time you put your foot into it.

3-Part Construction

Insole for comfort & arch support / Midsole for impact protection & resistance / Outsole for traction & durability

Internal Ankle Harness

Built into the lacing system, this feature provides additional heel hold to prevent unwanted lift.

3D Heat Moldable Pro Liner

All Fusion Plate Bindings feature our Fully Lasted and 3D Formed Liner Construction.

Thermo Formed Tongue

Using heat we 3D shape the tongue fitting seamlessly with top of foot and lower shin.

Fast Dry Aero-Mesh EVA

Lightweight and supportive material selection sheds water quickly.

Flow Through H2O Drainage

Engineered gaps to shed water weight quickly, reducing weight during each session.

EVA LITE+ Outsole

Hyperlite Outsoles blend performance, comfort, and durability in the lightest possible EVA material. TPR Shock Pad provides extra cush on hard landings.

Support Level - MID

Material selection engineering to offer a softer more flexible feel.

2-Part Theory

Binding and Boot pair for the ultimate connection. Binding delivers support and security - Boot provides control and comfort.

Range of Motion - MID

Designed for those seeking solid support and control.

Lace Closure - Single

Single quick-cinch lace system offers easy on easy off binding entry.

Powerpop EVA Foam Insoles

Exclusive blend of individual PU spheres, molded together to create a springy feel that will not break down over time.

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